Mark I. Kirkmeyer


He leans on his shovel
His face shows years of toil and trouble
Farming puts his life in place
Water flowing, plants grown at God’s pace
The old man is safe in his bubble
When he was just a young man
He joined the Colorado Guard, Artilleryman
They crossed the ocean too late
Arriving in country after the crucial date
They do their duty the best they can
The war is “over” not to cheer
Soldiers still patrol loaded with gear
Doctor’s still struggle to save lives
Letters are still sent to mourning wives
Politicians say it’s over, can’t convince those here
Thirty years later I walked the DMZ
Guarding the front for those free
Not far from the artillery fire base
This was his duty place
He said when on the phone to me
VFW said he served but it’s too bad
Not during the time politicians had
I watch the old man with a smile
I’ve respected him for awhile
I see him with love ‘cause he’s my dad