Mark I. Kirkmeyer


It’s been quiet all day
We’re at thirty percent
Nobody will leave their weapon.
On the island for three days
Moving by night
Fighting or hold position by day
Adrenaline has worn off
Mistakes are made
Lost another last night
Armor caught the vital rounds
Force caused muscle damage
Quad ripped through.
Off to Texas
He’ll fight his war
Trying to walk
It continues for us
Instant coffee between cheek and gum
Vision blurred
Island sunset
Some people enjoy them
Just means another night moving
“Specter’s got us covered
EM tape on your helmets”
Poncho liners pulled over all soldiers
RTO up alone
Sleeping under guardian above
Morning light reveals impact
40mm and 105mm
“Something moved”
Whatever it was is gone
Move to cantonment area

This poem prompted the response, “Guardian Above
©Copyright June 27, 2006 by J.J. McCloud