Mark I. Kirkmeyer


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: October 1, 2009
Awarded: October 1, 2009
It was a quiet summer morning
The warrior’s life meant nothing
No hope, no mission, only pain
Time to take matters in hand
Go on to the next thing

Master of infiltration looses pursuit
Cover and concealment easily found
Consume three months supply of meds
Make a comfortable bed, lay head on Bible
Go on to the next thing

Light overwhelming slowly fades
Brilliant man immersed in light
Seated on a throne of infinite glory
The warrior cannot stand
Go on to the next thing

“Who do you think you are forcing my hand?”
“You aren’t ready to come to me.”
“I won’t give you to the adversary.”
“Go back, live your life, live right.”
“Go on to the next thing.”

Eyes open, bright white walls, sunlight
Standard psyche bed, where is he?
Legs stable under body, out not long
Enter the hall, recognize the place; three days
Go on to the next thing

Return to life, no hope, no mission.
Why sent back to this suffering, is it Hell
“My son, you have promise, you made promise”
Must fulfill promise, shave my head.
Go on to the next thing

Must live the day correctly.
Confess my sins, repent.
Renew faith, profess faith
Shave head prevented by others
Go on to the next thing

Life continues, spirit grows, uplifting
Doorways open, things happen, follow path
Relief, rejoice, uplift the Lord
Every day life gets better
Go on to the next thing.