Mark I. Kirkmeyer

Mark I. Kirkmeyer: Four Jumps
WW2 American Parachute Units
The graphics depict WW2 American Parachute Units. The number of Parachute Wings denote the number of jumps made

He sat in a corner
His cap read 82nd Airborne
I approached “my brother”
Devil in Baggy Pants
Raider of the Air

We started to talk
He finally asked of me
“How many jumps do you have?”

I told him I had 500 or more
He smiled and said,
“That’s why your knees
and back are screwed”

Curiosity overcame me
“How many jumps do you have”
I asked him

“I only have four”
He told me.

Shock filled my eyes
Five is what it requires
to wear the wings

“Yes, I remember every one.”
He started
Thirty-three days of action
Without relief
Without replacements
Every mission accomplished
No ground gained
Was ever lost.

I nodded my head
In awe and wonder
I stood before a legend
One of the survivors
Those who wrote the book