Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I’ve bitten off more than I can chew
For real wisdom comes to so few
Never granted to an April fool
Through years of school
There are only three
Needed to be

Food, Water, Shelter
The basics of life they mutter
This is fine for a dog or cat
But man has evolved past that
Man needs a little more
To continue on life’s Chore.

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
That is more like it
Life is granted through food, water, and shelter
Liberty, some say, is freedom
But is anyone really free
Freedom is restrained by community
The last is the Pursuit of Happiness
Pursuit of Happiness is Hope

Man needs Hope

On a mid-summers day
Justice of the Peace Office
Sin City
Look into her brown eyes
See Hope and say I Do

Wake beside her beauty
A gentle caress feels something new
New life; Faith says it’s a girl
Hope for the future

Rain falls on Poncho Hooch
Soldier reads words written far away
“I love you”
Hope to see her again
He fights on

Sand blows blinding
Minds Eye glowing brown eyes
Hope climbs with Faith
Hopes to go Home
Faith that they are Safe
For the sacrifice made this day.

You See Hope and Faith are needed.
Hope is desire for the future
Faith is Knowledge of the unproven

Religion is not needed
Religion is control
Religion is fear
Religion is manipulation.

Maybe this April fool
Had the tool
To handle the big one
For like me this poem is done

For I’ve lost Hope
For anything but the end
I have Faith that I won’t remember
The things that make
My heart heavy.
I have Faith that my government
the one I fought for
would rather I be gone.