Mark I. Kirkmeyer


It’s been a baker’s dozen
Since the failure
The politicians said
“We won come home”
They lied we failed

No Grunt walk on the capitol
Their leaders still in power
He thumps his chest
“They couldn’t remove me”
He’s right we failed

He tried to kill
Our former leader
The Pervert in Chief
Wouldn’t let us get him
Disgraced we failed

He paid off terrorists families
For killing themselves and Zionists
The Pervert in Chief
Ignored the actions
Disgraced we failed

They used our airplanes
To attack the twins
And the maze of corridors
the next generation went
Because we failed

Son-in-law came home
On his shield
Daughter’s a widow
The Nation – I failed
My Family – I failed

Submitted for the June 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Failure