Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I lost my trust in the staff
Told them about it during 0900 group
Told them at 1100 I was leaving at 1300
1300 came I started out
They stopped me at the first door

I’m here voluntarily;
no danger to self or others
Let me go.

We can’t do that

It’s called false imprisonment.

Let me go!

Ramona opens the door unaware
I took advantage and out I went
Second door locked;
Repeat myself

They sound an alarm
Like I’m trying to hurt someone.
All I want is to leave

She grabbed my cane and arm
I pulled away – crash into someone
She got what they wanted

I got put down to the floor

Mark’s description of this ugly incident inspired the response, “Until the Cavalry Arrives
©Copyright May 14, 2007 by Nancy L. Meek

Author’s Response: The following is what happened next. I was handcuffed, for assault, and taken to the VA police office. After the VA police sorted everything out, it was found that I was the one assaulted. The VA police let me go but the Psychiatrist in charge of the floor declared me unstable and had me taken back up for 3 days. The VA police would not take a report of my charges against the VA staff. I wasn’t a danger to myself or other but he had me held anyway. They transferred me here to Sheridan from Denver. Mark: May 16, 2007