Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Well, she did her rounds every hour
She saw the awake patient
She approached him after his morning shower
He was awake all the night on defense

Stupid Nurse, Why wait for the end
Stupid Nurse, it doesn’t help in the end
He let his heart and soul out in your hands
And you listened to what he had said and then ran
He never even knew who he could trust and that’s what happens
When the only voice he hears is telling him he can’t
Stupid Nurse, Stupid Nurse

So what made you think you heard a lie
And just push and push him down
I guess you build yourself up so high
You had to take him and push him around

You hold his heart and soul there in your hands
You stumbled and bumbled through toward retirement plan
He never even knew he had no choice and that’s what happens
When the only ear he can speak to listens not
You stupid nurse

Oh, you’ve always said you really care but you’ve lost
The only spark that ever made you to strive
Yeah, Yeah

Well, he gave you his trust to help with hands
And you stole his every dream and crushed his plans
Yes, you did
He warned you, you broke his trust and lit him off.
Shit Happens
You stupid nurse, oh, you’re the same old,
Same old stupid nurse

It’ll take awhile for you to figure out what you’ve done
But when you do, he’ll be long gone
Long gone, long gone
Ah, he’s gone

Nobody’s ever gonna cry for him – he’s free
And he’s gone, gone and free
God may just let him know
You’re weary, you’re weary

You’re weary, you’re weary
Oh yeah, you’re over worked
He’s never coming back, you see;
Stupid Nurse.