Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Why do I believe I don’t matter?
Simple, has anything I’ve done mattered
The war, the riot, event the active duty time
No, No, No, No
Nothing happened, other than increase
Won the battles
Politicians made it not matter.
Lost the war
So we stopped some idiots from burning their homes
What does it matter?
Not a fuckin’ thing
Even those I served didn’t care
You did nothing
You don’t count
They thought it was important then
Ripped from education improvement
Go to the stinkin’ cesspool
Hoo Awe, the damn peaceniks yelled
We won, assholes never touched a uniform
I saw it coming, I told them too
Your service was worthless
Your pain, injury, and suffering
Not acceptable to those in charge
Told you don’t matter
By those tasked with your care.