Mark I. Kirkmeyer


My poetry has caused trouble
People judged me because I write
Without even reading what I wrote;
Just because I wrote about her
I must want to sex her.

Not true: I write from respect
She does her job to help us Vets
I could have written:
The Doctor Who Has No Time
The Night Nurse Sleeps Shift Away
The Night Nurse Waits Till Mornin’
To Ask Why Vet Can’t Sleep
The Nurses Surf The Internet
Instead Of Paying Attention to Patients.

I could have dwelt on the negatives
But I chose to write about positive.
Doing their jobs, a credit to the VA
So I get counseled for writing my poems
Right now I feel like saying
Fuck the VA and walk away
The street is not that hard to live on
Nobody gives you any bullshit.