Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The old paratrooper rumbles around
Cigarette, Cigarette, Cigarette, give me one.
He’s here because of other problems
Cigarettes become his major problem
He has latched onto the cigarettes
It directs his attentions focuses his anger
Pushes him to betray his lady
asking her to mule for him
sneaking cigarettes onto the ward
breaking the trust of the staff
Dividing the patients; snitches and kewl.

Bad thing for this Man of the People
Threat is felt; reaction is tactical
No sleeping ever ready
Though not the snitch
Too close to staff
Might be a target for vengeance
Tried to talk sense into him

It got through to her
She didn’t want to pass
She’d rather visit him
than give him smoke
She actually sounded
like she cared for him
He made his choice
He pressured her
He’d rather have a cigarette
than the Celtic Lady