Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I woke alone in an empty bed
She was there last night
Soft, warm and comforting
Before first light she’s gone
I’m left alone

Aroma of brewing coffee
Calls me to the kitchen
Empty, quiet and chilling
The timer started the brew
I’m left alone

Still in the dark, TV comes on
Time for the morning news
Steve, Brian, and Lauren
Fox and Friends First
I’m left alone

There she is on the couch
Lit by the flicker of the TV
Not as comfortable as the bed
Why is she out here?
Left me alone

First light eases through windows
Answers come with the light
Bruised cheek, she took a shot
Handprint on neck matches mine
Lucky she’s alive

Where did I go last night?
Was it the desert? Or the Icy Chill?
Was it Jungle, forest or swamp?
It doesn’t matter I brought it home
I sit crying

My greatest fear comes true
I can protect from anything else
It’s me that is a danger
Not to myself, but everyone around me
Empty Bed

Lonesome life only choice