Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Sun sets over distant horizon
Lavender splashes across clouds and sea
She is beautiful, hair red, eyes green
They dance, his eyes not there
Searching for distant evil

The sound of an outboard motor
Barely heard over the beat of the music
No sound as the small boat hits
Light flashes, deck rolls unnaturally
Touched by distant evil

Water catches him as he arcs off the deck
Instincts take over; finds his date heads for shore
Wrapped in a bystander’s blanket
They watch Harbor Police and Fire arrive
Touched by distant evil

She appears to him again, his mistress
Half face beautiful blonde blue eyed
Half face dark shrouded in shadows
He served her before, Mistress of Death
Touched by distant evil

Buzzing calls him
Blurred fog and darkness
He recognizes his bedroom
The little guardian hiding
In her Safety
Where he can not hit her.

He’ll be
Touched by distant evil.

Submitted for the June 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Evil