Mark I. Kirkmeyer


She served with us
Weekends were no fuss
Two weeks in the summer
Like camp not a bummer

She fooled us all
Until we got the call
To the paper she say
She not go because she gay

She got her wish
Removed from the list
To face discharge admin
Not a fight she’d win

To Arabia we had to go
The duty she would never know
We faced hardship
Pull from relationship

She went home
Were no scuds roam
She got to party
with friends and family

After we got back
She arrived with a Hack
A legal court paper
So she could join our Order

All mention of her dishonor
Was removed from her record
Even to this very day
I don’t believe she was gay

No fuss or mention made
When she marched in our parade
We were silent in our duty
When she came to our party

She went to court again
claiming discrimination
For after duty none would talk
Alone she would walk

Promotions she received
The new commander she deceived
I transferred to a unit forward
Never again to see the coward