Mark I. Kirkmeyer


A cold mid-night wind
Blows across the sand swept plain
Three dune buggies jump
Over the dunes
Three men ride each vehicle
“Overlord to Paladin,
Hold position for dust off.”
All three buggies stop
Sand is whipped up
Forming wings
Around two Apaches.
A moment of safety
A lone Blackhawk
Lands near the buggies
One soldier jumps out
As two help the Cap onboard
The Blackhawk departs
Followed by the Apache
Nine mount three
“Leave this place for Saddam”
Dune buggies jump
Sand dunes
At nearly 130kph
Clear the area
First light’s glow
Camouflage the vehicles
Create shade hooches
One third security
New arrival removes helmet
Hair falls down to collar
Recognition dawns
Commando school instructor
If we don’t kill each other
We will be a great team
Only time will tell
Why did HQ do this
Bahrain Prince, Israel Commando
Omar Warrior, Quatar Tribesman
Egyptian Paratroop, Four Green Beret
How will we survive?