Mark I. Kirkmeyer


No pain meds received
Call the pharmacy
No refills for meds
No pain yet
Doc says “no refills till visit
Call appointment line
“You’re not due for six months”
Run out of pain meds
Know pain is coming
Call Nurse explain predicament
Nurse says “doctor unmoving”
Call care coordinator
“Doctor unmoving”
Pain increasing
Call patient advocate
“Doctor standing firm
Call appointment line
“Can get in in two months”
Pain excruciating
Unacceptable, Neglectful
I’ll take charge
Show doctor what pain is
On foot the old grunt comes out
Got a mission
Pure rage, No pain, one goal
One thought, “Teach doc”
Consequences don’t matter
I’ll get to him I’ll teach him
Police tazer hit
Knee collapse
Nerve overload
They stopped me
Hope I scared the doc
Hope he won’t do it again
Probably not just a cog in the machine
No pain between rage and taze
Veterans don’t matter
“Veterans are the greatest threat”
A familiar voice. An angel
I smile through adrenaline withdrawal
Two days of sleep adrenal withdrawal
Pain reducing
Meds take effect, blood pressure acceptable
Pain manageable levels
Now I sit and wait for a follow up plan
VA Colorado Springs and VA Pueblo deny care
Why should I care about my care
New consequences
Have to go to Denver for care
VA Colorado Springs lied
“Endangered Veterans and family”
“Called Doctor’s office and threatened him”
Both lies
Punished for System Mistakes.