Mark I. Kirkmeyer


That must be unknown you see
Too young to serve in a real war
Too beat up to serve in the last
I was a Ronnie Ray-gun
A video game warrior
At least that’s what they called
The soldiers of Desert Storm

Heck I didn’t even do
The thing’s I remember doing
Or at least they say.
We were not defeated by an enemy
We were defeated by a politician
Told to come home
With the job half done

The son had to finish
What the father started
Her husband died
Because her father
Did not finish the job
He served and fought
So his children wouldn’t know
The darkness of the battle field

As the flag is lifted and folded
The old man hangs his head in shame
This his only defeat
Issued at the hands of politicians
Remembers the eyes of the father
Defeated by the ghosts
Of those fallen at his orders

Does the son bare the same

Submitted for the June 2003 IWVPA Theme Project, “Defeat