Mark I. Kirkmeyer


It’s Sunday but you wouldn’t know it, here.
It’s about noon and I’m laying on my bunk
Writing to you.
My squad doesn’t have any duty today
but we can’t leave the guard post.
We have plenty to do up here.
There is a Monopoly Game
but I can’t find a single pair of dice.
There is a deck of 48 playing cards
A baseball, bat, and two gloves
but it’s 10 degrees below zero
and nobody wants to go outside
At about 4:30 I’ve got to go
Man the .50 while the sun sets
Then I get to come back to my bunk
Wish I were with you
And fall asleep.
Well Sweetheart lunch just arrived
I gotta go.

Your Soldier on the DMZ

Submitted for the February 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Boredom