Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Mark I. Kirkmeyer: Combat Boots and BikiniTwenty four hours in country
A break before reporting as trainee
Under the afternoon sun I make a bed
In the sand of the eastern Med.

The beach was full but had nice scenery
Several women in all kinds of bikini
If I said I didn’t look it would be a tale
I was a young red-blooded male.

It had been a month since my divorce
Preparing for training in covert force
I was not there hunting at least not yet
One piece, two piece, blonde, brunette

I was enjoying the day sky so clear
When the goddess did appear
Not tall, not blonde, but beautiful to me
Her curves filled the tiny bikini

She walked with an aura of confidence
That I have not seen on the beach since
Arguments against her beauty are mute
On her feet comfortable combat boots

The lovely lady filled me with intrigue
As she donned combat fatigues
I remember her with no remorse
Lady of the Israeli Defense Force

Submitted for the October 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project “Combat Boots