Mark I. Kirkmeyer


What is September to me
It has changed with time you see
As a child it was back to school
To get the educational tool

It is Victory over Japan
Those men stuck to a plan
Thousands of people turned to ash
A hope that this would be the last

Finishing my second cup of coffee
I can’t believe what I see
“The pilot really screwed the pooch”
Then came plane number two

“We are under attack”
Sitting in shocked wonder
Glued to the TV set
As the rescue task is met

As the first tower begins to fall
The phone rings and I answer the call
“Have you seen the news”
I couldn’t miss it even if I choose

We need people at the airport
Twenty minutes later I report
The terminals are a mass of confusion
At the tarmac becomes congestion

It is a time to stand and cheer
For those who protect us far and near
And time to bow our head and shed a tear
To the rubble and ash of the tower of fear.

Submitted for the September 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Towers and Ashes