Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I set down searching my blood
I inherit the blue blood
Noble stature and bearing
Commitment to others
It’s my bloodline my inheritance

Stand for something greater than me
In the scorching desert sun,
the frozen Korean winters.
Watching for aircraft over the coast
It’s my bloodline my inheritance

Think not who you kill but who you let live
In the air triple A climbing, bombs dropping
On an island hilltop raising the flag
Through the sugar palms of Cuba
It’s my bloodline my inheritance

Answering the call: “Rally All!”
Through the “Mud March” to Chancellorsville
to Receiving the colors at Appomattox
My line was there my blood spilled
It’s my bloodline my inheritance

The nation calls. We go!
South through to Mexico City
to the Mississippi Delta and bayous.
Eight for Independence fought.
It’s my bloodline – it’s my inheritance

Protecting those who lead a nations
Destroying lifestyles of free nations
Colonizing land savage for cultivation
Fighting for God, Pope, and King
It’s my bloodline my inheritance

Back to the crusades and beyond
They joined in battle, explored new lands
Shed their blood and took some too
Sweat, pain, fears pushed through them
It’s my bloodline – my inheritance.