Mark I. Kirkmeyer


She was the most beautiful
To me in high school
She thanked me
For doing what I said I would
As I sat alone
At the table
I wonder if she knew
At what cost
I’m not the man I was
Can’t run or jump
The legs don’t work right
Can’t wrestle or throw
The body yells when twisted
Can’t even react to her
Little soldier don’t work
Can’t remember lunch
Short term memory shot
Can’t speak well
Memory bubbled hide words
Can’t sleep with anyone
Dreams cause striking.
Here alone
Lost my wife
All alone
Never met my daughter
All alone
Siblings afraid of me
No companion
I’m afraid of me
I watch them enjoying the company
They think I’m a hero
But at what cost?
I gave up, what I was fighting for.
So they could enjoy it.

A sequel to the poem, “Silver Reunion
©Copyright April 3, 2006 by Mark I. Kirkmeyer