Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Bin Laden

The question has been asked “Why have we not been able to catch or kill Osama bin Laden?” The answer is actually so simple that it is overlooked. Bin Laden, like Warren Jeffs, is supported by fanatics.

Fanatics do not think the same way that the average American thinks. No amount of money will get these fanatics to turn on their leaders because these fanatics place their leaders on a level with God, knowing that to defy their leader will surely send them to the place of despair. Additionally around this core of fanatics is a shield of fear. People fear what the fanatics will do to them if they co-operate with those opposed to their leader. Though the United States promises that those who help will be protected, historically, the United States has not fulfilled its promises. The proof of this is easy to see; some current Congress members have called for the immediate withdrawal from Iraqi abandoning the promise to assist the Iraqi’s in establishing a stable government; the Administration of George HW Bush promised southern Iraqi’s to support them if they rose up against Saddam, they did with no support; the Administration of John F Kennedy promised Cuban ex-patriots that he would support their fight against Castro, they did with no support; this history can be traced all the way back to the treaties with the Native American.

These fanatic leaders can only be toppled by slicing the body out from under them. In the case of bin Laden, we have to remove his supporters this includes nations who give lip service to aiding the War On Terror but fund terrorists to act as their covert operatives to destabilize those who they believe are their military or economic oppressors.

The WMD Lie

The Bush Administration has been accused of lying about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. This in truth is the lie. The World, especially the Kurds, knows that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. These weapons were used against the Kurds (show pictures of the dead Kurds).

The problem is that Saddam was a master manipulator. Saddam was supported by Germany and Russia by selling “dual-purpose” items to Iraq, knowing that Saddam was going to use them for the weapons purpose but had the ability to claim it was used for a peaceful purpose. We are now seeing the same tactic used by Iran with their nuclear intentions.

In the early stages of the invasion a convoy scurrying north away from the approaching Alliance Forces was attacked. Russia declared the convoy was their diplomats leaving the country and demanded an apology from the United States. Nobody asked what they were doing so late in Iraq or what they were transporting. A vial that I can carry in my pocket can carry enough anthrax that if given a culture incubator, found in any hospital, enough of the bacteria can be grown to arm weapons. Most biological weapons are also grown in the same method.

Chemical weapons are stored in components for safety and brought together when used; until they are brought together they are not a weapon. Case in point, Ammonium Chloride Gas, mix ammonia and bleach and you produce ammonium chloride gas. Both components are used in cleaning but become a weapon when mixed.

We saw it after the invasion of Iraq when items were found that “could be used for weapons production” and somebody else said they “could be used for peaceful purposes”. Soldiers even found hollow artillery warheads which have only one purpose, delivering chemical or biological agents through artillery sortie. But because those warheads had not been filled they were discounted. The search for WMD ended not because the weapons were not there but because they were declared not to be there.

As my Sensei stated everyday and I quote when another “weapon” ban is announced; “Anything in the right hands is a weapon”. What makes a weapon a weapon is intent rather than construct. A Boeing 767 was not considered a weapon until somebody intended to use it as one.