Mark I. Kirkmeyer



I am a veteran of Desert Storm. When I left the Persian Gulf I knew that the mission was not finished. I knew we would be returning because we had abandoned the mission before it was completed. I had hoped that the return would be on my watch but that was not to be.

On September 11, 2001, I witnessed live the result of the United States cowardice and deceit. We had promised the Shiites in southern Iraq that we would support them if they rose up against Saddam. They did and we left them to Saddam’s Justice. Our word is nothing in the region; this is something we must change.

I have watched the next generation go Iraq to finish what I should (and could) have finished two decades ago. Because of this I have spent time in the VA under psychiatric care.

I EMPLORE YOU do not do to this generation what was done to me. Allow them to finish their job. Allow them to fulfill the promise that we made to the Iraqi people, “We will protect you while you establish your government”.

Though the soldiers face hard times now, it is better that they complete the job than live wishing they had.