John M. Keogh


Let us pay tribute to one and all
For those who died bravely
Answering the call
They thought not of themselves
But of victory
In their struggles and efforts
To gain liberty
To the soldiers and marines
Who fight far away
Those brave unsung heroes
From the us of a
Their quest to bring peace
Is a turning tide
We honor the memories
Of the ones that have died
Their courageous sacrifice
Can never be denied
As the stars and stripes fly
With American pride
May god bless the families
Who lost a daughter or son
May they always be mindful
Of the victories won
Knowing that their children
Did not die in vain
Let both love and faith
Comfort their pain
Relatives lay wreaths
Upon every grave
In Arlington Cemetery
They honor the brave
The sound of taps/
Is gently played
On a marble wall
The heroes names are displayed
You can see the headstones for miles around
And sense the pride of this honored ground
The love of freedom we enjoy today
Throughout the world and the USA
Our gratitude is for all eternity
To the fallen heroes and for liberty