Deborah “Shawnee” Walker Kellie

Shawnee is the widow of a Vietnam Veteran. The author of poems of inspiration, and at times commentaries about things in our daily lives, Shawnee works as often and as much as she can for Veterans and tries to be her husband’s voice now that his has been silenced.


I have received many emails since our Nation was attacked, from some wanting to know if I was going to write a poem for my site about the attack on our Nation. I have also received emails of petitions to sign for world peace. I have read each petition and email very carefully, and thoughtfully. Although I respect each individual’s right to express their own opinions about world peace and war, I also respect mine as well. Today I watched on the news as already protestors have started their marches against war, and I felt a deep growing fear inside of me. I have to ask myself why it took another tragedy to come upon our Nation to evoke the selling of our American Flags. Why hasn’t every home in America already had a flag flying proudly each and every day? Our freedom is too often taken for granted, just as we take each other for granted. Just because something or someone is here yesterday and today, does not mean that it or they will be tomorrow. We have each other through pain, labor, and suffering before we are born, just as through pain, labor, and dying we have the freedom of our great Nation.

Our people cry and call for retaliation for what has been done to their Country. I remember not so long ago it cried out for the same thing, and then the Nations people turned its backs on the Soldiers that paid the price when they were called. Cries for world peace ring out. World peace is a beautiful dream, but it is one that we shall never see. Wars have raged on since the beginning of time, and shall do so until the end of time. When not at war with another country, we are at war with each other. We “offend” each other by expressing our own opinions and beliefs, and we battle over them, thus tearing each other apart, and our Nation along with us.

Christians “offend” the non-believers by practicing their right to pray, and to worship God in public, thus, the answer was to take God out of the schools and our government. Christians that should stand up and fight for their rights instead fall in tears, and wait for God to do what His children should be doing themselves. Most think that being a Christian is to roll over, give in, and “not make waves”, while all the while losing their rights, all in the name of “world peace”. They seem to have forgotten that as well as being a merciful, forgiving, and loving God, God is also the ultimate General. Joshua, King David, King Solomon, all fought their battles that needed to be fought and won. They had one general in common…God Almighty.

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day are no longer observed for the reasons they were intended, but rather looked upon as three day weekends from school or work. We forget to teach our children that these are days in which to show respect and honor for those that gave their lives so that we could be a free and great Nation.

While our Nation readies itself for war once again, already peace marchers, and petitions are being mailed out for “peace not war”, and “war is not the answer”. It brings to mind that war not so long ago while our Soldiers were fighting in a far away land, our Nation was pulling itself apart by those who burned our flags, rioted against our schools, federal buildings, victimized our wounded soldiers, law officers, and their fellow students, and this was done by the hands of the “peace lovers” of our Nation.

My heart goes out to the lives of those already lost when our Nation was attacked, but it grieves also for what I fear lies ahead. For on the eleventh day of this month, our Country was placed in the eleventh hour rapidly approaching midnight. I pray that as our Armed Forces now are asked to pay another great price to keep our Nation’s freedom, the American people will not once again turn its back, but realize that our freedom has never came to us easily or freely, we have always paid the ultimate price…

God Bless,
Shawnee Kellie