Jackie R. Kays


In the Sergeant’s arms lies the preciously
folded triangular banner off Red, White, and Blue.
In the cargo bay of this giant silver bird lies the
golden casket of his friend and fallen Hero too.

No words can adequately describe the
significations of this unselfish supreme
sacrifice: Bravery, courage, dedication,
and loyalty to God, family, and Country.

What more can be ask of a young man,
who’s life has been taken defending
the principles by which we so freely stand.

A loud report of rifles of honor and a moment
of silence… dear hearts can hardly bear.
High on this wind swept hill drifts the melancholy
echo of taps suspended in the cool autumn air.

Here in this hallowed ground, lies another
young American Hero for whom the bells toll.
May we never forget his ultimate contribution
to the cost of freedom’s goals!

May that Red, White, and Blue banner always fly in
America’s sky… for the cost in young American
Heroes continues to be tragically high!