Jackie R. Kays


Barely clothed in a small dirty dress,
her long black hair in a tangled mess.
Her tiny bare feet covered with sores.
She stood silently by the open door.

Her big brown eyes, staring at my plate,
She was obviously in a hungered state.

She was tiny,
couldn’t have been more
than four or five.
I don’t know how she
managed to stay alive.

I motioned for here
to come to me.
She hesitated,
then slowly walked
up near my knee.

She began to pitifully beg,
in a language that
I didn’t understand.

I held out a chicken leg.
She cautiously took it from my hand.
In a flash, out the door and
down the street she ran.

A few minutes later,
as I moved down the
walkway in the jungle heat

I saw the little brown-eyed girl,
sharing the chicken with two
other little beggars,
of the street.

That was years ago,
in a far off,
war torn place…
called: Vietnam.
Yet to day,
I still recall her haunting eyes,
and pitiful hunger face.

I hope she was saved by God’s
love and tender grace.