Jackie R. Kays


Pay not the piper for he’s the porter of unwanted truth.
We held the devil’s hand as we danced all across
that jungle land.

The angelic glow of the pop flares flickering
in the monsoon rain, reflecting the terror of
the warring jungle’s reframe.

Mortars loudly report as tracers in their colorful
glowing gowns boldly go, and young men search
their shaken souls.

Black Pajama clad figures scurry through the
tall elephant grass, unaware of the claymore’s
in the wire. The howitzers bark and humans
die, that’s the way of war and lonely
mothers will forever cry.

Losers all, winners none;
The score was kept by the blood
shed under that distant Asian sun.

Sing not to me the praises of that unholy
War, for Heroes shall remain there forever more.

Like the proverbial albatross around my neck,
that jungle war will haunt my reverie until
the devil shuffles his deadly deck.

Then… that jungle war will end for me,
with Aces and Eights…

You’re sure to see!

Jackie R. Kays: The Devil’s Hand… Aces and Eights