Alexander Karpenko ~ Александр Карпенко

Alexander Karpenko (Александра Карпенко)Alexander was born in Cherkessi in the year of the first human space flight. From the moment of his birth Alexander started his own space flight: flight in the space of his soul. He finished a secondary English school and musical school (his specialty was the piano). He entered the Military institute of foreign languages in 1980 where he studied Dari (Persian) language. After graduating from the Institute in 1981 he was sent to Afghanistan (Kabul) where he worked as an interpreter.

Родился в г.Черкассы. Ровесник первого полёта человека в космос. Появившись на свет, Александр тоже, в переносном смысле, полетел в космос - космос своей души. Закончил спецшколу с преподаванием ряда предметов на английском языке и музыкальную школу по классу фортепиано. В 1980 году поступил на годичные курсы ВИИЯ (ВИМО), язык дари (фарси) с распределением в Афганистан. С августа 1981 года работал военным переводчиком в Кабуле.

“Vita Nuova: When people don’t understand you, no need to complain about it. Just wait for a while, work for your soul and be happy, ‘cause working for yourself, you work for people. And once somebody will notice your underground work end exclaim: ‘Look you guys, who is here!’ That will be your rebirth.” – Alexander Karpenko

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