Phillip J. Kadow

Phillip J. Kadow

The Writings of Phillip “Fearless” Kadow

Phil is married with two sons. He served in the Australian Army for fifteen and a half years in two Corps. His first 6 years was with the Royal Australian Armoured Corps with whom he served in South Vietnam from 28 January 1970 to 4 February 1971. Phil was wounded by a command detonated mine in the Long Hai Mountains on the 23 March 1970. The remainder of his service was spent in RAEME where he trained and became a qualified Vehicle Mechanic. After his discharge in 1984, Phil worked as a mechanic for two years and then as a Correctional Officer for nine years.

After resigning that position, Phil stayed home to care for his wife who suffers from chronic back pain due to disc problems. During that time the “wheels fell off” his health and with a lot of help, he applied for and was awarded the TPI pension. He now considers himself a gentleman of leisure who is trying to get his head around the internet.

Phil has written and is in the process of publishing a book of poetry called “A Little Piece of Me”. He will post details of the cost etc. on his website, which is accessible by clicking the banner on the right, as soon as they are known.

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