Leonard Murray Juteau

Born on September 4, 1948 in Brockville, Ontario. Len peacefully passed away on April 15, 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia. Len wrote this poem in 1963 while he was at Senior School in Soest, Germany.


Through the darkness shines a light,
Its solemn flicker is ever bright,
Over the tomb of a brave young man
This small blue flame will forever stand.

It bums new hope into the woes of life
And helps the people to forget their strife
In the hearts of men we now may find
The memory of a man was so kind.

He died a death we call so rare
As if his killer didn’t care.
That through his work we all could see
Just what a peaceful world can be.

Now a grieving youth does stand.
A little white light is in his hand
He feels a tear roll down his cheek
And thinks about the time so bleak.

He wonders why this man had died
And over who so many cried.
The fowl of air have stopped their flight
The beasts on earth shall rest this night.

The people wait… heads hung low.
The trees and flowers do even so:
Everything this night shall pay
[A silent tribute to L.M.J.]