Sydney Walter Josland


Shall we leave you without a song,
The lands for which our hearts will long
And pine; from far beyond the sea
Kind thoughts on wings will fly to thee.

The sun baked plains will then be dear,
No fiery winds to scorch or sear,
No fish to catch in limpid pool
That from the mountain flows so cool.

Gone the bellamchi’s husky cry,
Stilled the ghaffir’s lonely sigh;
Do white clad boys still climb the palms
To fill with fruit their eager arms?

Does Tigris there still slowly glide,
Tall leafy date palms by her side?
Her sister river soon to meet
Then join the sea with laughing feet?

Some East; some West; yet some remain
Stern years to serve upon the plain
Where once the fleet wild ass did roam
His long forgotten forest home.