Webmaster’s Note: At his request, the name of the author of this poem (whom I have dubbed “Joseph”) shall remain anonymous.

In Tribute to Jack B. Gardner, U.S.M.C.

Christmas is a special time
When everything feels joyous and fine
But sometimes there is sorrow
Because for some we love, our heroes,
There is no tomorrow

Yet there is hope in knowing
Our loved ones are with us
Like the warmth we feel from
The Sun’s glowing

And during this Blessed season
It gives us all the more reason
To keep them in our heart
Even though the pain feels
As if we are so very far apart

They are with us in memory and in our soul
Although it feels at times as though
We may never feel whole
Our love keeps them alive
And because of this they smile down
On us from on high

Keep them close to you
This time of year
And they will send you reasons
To feel cheer

Merry Christmas to our departed family members
And in heaven,
May they be reliving the
Wonderful times we all shared and remember.

Author’s Note: God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!