Erin C. Jones

Erin C. JonesErin is the daughter of SFC Douglas W. Jones


Another Christmas without him:
another birthday come and gone.
Another day without my daddy –
did I do something wrong?

Why won’t he just come home?
I am so mad I want to die
I don’t understand what he did to
make my mom cry

Doesn’t he know I still love him?
Doesn’t he care he is missing my life?
My sisters are too little to even realize he left.
I wish I could be with him, wherever he is

Everyone says I am too young to worry
to worry about my dad?
I need to know what he is doing.
I need to know when he will be home again

It’s another one of my birthdays;
dad probably won’t be here
I hate him for not being here with me.
Daddy, please come home again

My mommy says he is a soldier
doing something very important far away
I still don’t understand what’s going on,
can’t somebody else do his job?

Everyone else’s daddies are here for
Christmas: my daddy is still gone.
It’s not fair that everyone else sits on Santa’s lap
asking for toys and jewelry and things
when all I really want for Christmas
is my daddy to come home

Today, I was told my daddy will come home
there is more joy in my heart
than any Christmas or birthday can put there
because today when my daddy got off that bus,
I felt a new feeling, something I had never felt before.

Today I felt pride.

Pride for a man who was never around
Pride for a man all dressed in green
Pride for my dad, who was off saving our country
while I was being selfish and wanting him all to myself

Everyone was screaming and crying.
I began to scream and cry unconsciously.
I saw him with tears in his eyes
and realized how much he missed me too.
No need for apologies dad, I already know.

I can tell by the look in your eyes
and the way you squeeze me so hard when we hug.
Don’t ever leave again dad,
although I will understand if you do.
I love you so much dad
and thank you for making it home

My daddy is a soldier, my hero: a hero to all