Douglas W. Jones


I would like to extend my congratulations to the men and women of the armed forces fighting in Iraq. You have all completed your immediate mission with honor. The Regime has been ousted. You r President gave the order and once again you stared at the face of battle and arose victorious. You have a lot of work ahead of you. You have to provide for the now free Iraqi people. They will need medical, food, education, and yes financial support. And currently with pockets of loyalist still in the midst they will need protection. Some of you will return home soon, others will be asked to stay. For the ones that return, enjoy a new zest for life and lavish in the hugs and kisses of loved ones. For those who remain continue to stay focused. And remember you have an entire nation here at home praying for you to be successful in your efforts and to return safely.

To the protesters, you all have once again successfully protested against what we now see is a great thing for the world and for the Iraqi people. All of you, who were convinced that this action was not needed or maybe that Saddam was a nice guy, please take a look at the now smiling faces of the free Iraqi people. And for those of you who are against the Armed forces in general, we asked that you sleep well tonight as we continue to do our jobs. And please continue to protest so our soldiers that now have the capability to receive American broadcast, will be able to appreciate your clearly outspoken lack of support, as they shake hands with all the people over there that they have recently liberated from the murderous tyrant of terrorism.

And to those in America who still live by the famous quote, “Nobody likes a soldier until the enemy is at the gate” look around, the enemy is already here, and he didn’t use the gate. I sure hope you know your neighbors, and that you are sure that they are not on the payroll of Saddam Where’s He Hidin’ or Osama Bin Forgotten.