Douglas W. Jones


This morning on the way to work I started thinking about the soldiers that are deployed around the world. Especially that ones that we know are in harms way. And I wondered how I would have felt when I was fighting in Panama, if I knew that the job I was doing was not being supported by friends and loved ones.

Then pictures of protesting Americans came to mind. And I started going over reasons for their protest. And trust me, I have thought of many things that make me wonder about if not what we are doing, then how we are doing it. But as a soldier I will take whatever route decided, upon and do my job for my country and my President.

Charlie Sheen was one of the protesters that came to mind. Now here is the Irony. Not to long ago if you can recall, he was seen protesting against the School of Americas at Ft. Benning, an army post located in Georgia. I’m then assuming that he doesn’t agree with the US training foreign soldiers. Okay Charlie, so you either don’t like them or you don’t trust them. Either way you have me confused. Now you are protesting in the defense of the same people that a few months ago you didn’t like or trust. You have a profession in acting, why try to be a professional protester. Here is some thing for you all to think about.

In the 18th century soon to be Americans were protesting the war against England. And now we are living in freedom as members of the largest and strongest world power, and all of us are singing “Proud to be an American.”

Later in the 19th Century a basically divided America was in protest yet again. This war ended, and we were a united country with every man, having the right to walk proud in the land of the free.

So protest everything that you feel strongly against, but I assure you of one thing, my friends will do their jobs. If you don’t understand what’s going on, or you can’t figure out how to fix it, at least you’ll be busy trying to figure out whom to blame for it. All I ask is that you show support for the men and women who carry the weight of the free world on their shoulders, “THE SOLDIERS.”