Del “Abe” Jones


Remember when a Valentine
Was just a name that you just drew
And you could give that Paper Heart
To someone you barely knew.

Or you maybe gave your Heart
To everybody in your Class
Drawn and cut, with Your Words
That were so much fun to pass.

And too, those little Candy Hearts
That you used to pass around
Searching Colors and the Words
Until that Perfect One was found.

And remember that Special One
Who made your Heart skip a beat
Who you gave that Special Card
Who gave your Heart a Special Treat.

And remember how easy it was
To tell a Classmate, “I Love You!”
Not just three meaningless words
Cause everyone knew they were True.

Oh, for those Days of Innocence
When everything seemed to be just Fine
And you weren’t afraid to ask aloud,
“Will you please be my Valentine?”