Del “Abe” Jones


I just want you to know
On this Valentine’s Day
How much you mean to me
And what my heart has to say.

Although I can’t spend the time
That I would like with you
What little we do share
Makes me love you more, it’s true.

I appreciate the moments
When you make my heart soar
Like every time I see you
As you walk in the door.

I know I can’t expect you
To feel the same as I
But my hope won’t go away
And that’s why I have to try.

You’re like no other “LADY”
That I have ever known
And I can’t help my feelings
Or keep them from being shown.

I wouldn’t do it if I could
Because in my heart of hearts
I know it must be faith and trust
Before the real love starts.

Please believe me when I tell you
I will never do you wrong
And if you would let me in
You’d find a love, true and strong.

Maybe I’m just dreaming
And maybe I’m a fool
But I know that love is
The worlds’ greatest tool.

So few learn how to use it
Don’t see where it ends and starts
But if you let me I will show you
There in your heart of hearts.