Del “Abe” Jones

(For Drug Approval)

So, what’s the big to-do about
And what is the big surprise
That’s what makes this World turn
All those payoffs, bribes and lies.

The Corporations have deep pockets
To hold each and every Agency
Who look out for their well being
Instead of that of you and me.

The FDA makes most their money
From all of the Drug Companies
So they can sell us what they want
And charge us as much as they please.

Don’t worry if it costs your life
Or maybe, someone close to you
Just shut your mouth and pay the price
Just like they all want you to do.

Just as long as they show a profit
And keep their Company out of the Red
They don’t care how many hurt
Or how many, end up Dead.

It’s just another Federal Agency
Working for the Corporate Greed
Moving toward, “The New World Order”
And once there, we never will be Freed.