Del “Abe” Jones


I see off in the distance
Blue skies turning to gray
It looks like we’re in for
Another stormy day.

Out toward the far horizon
A bright flash lights the sky
As the darkness quickly comes
And another day goes by.

The thunder just a whisper
As the rain begins to fall
The storm is moving nearer
As I hear the storm’s call.

The lightning’s like a sword
Slashing at the ground
No matter where I look
It seems it’s all around.

The rain becomes a torrent
And it chills the air
The swords of the gods
Become a blinding glare.

The sound of the thunder
Is now a deafening roar
But I love every minute
Of nature’s musical score.

Its awesome force reminds me
Who’s really in control
And how insignificant
Is the human being’s role.

We pollute the air and water
We desecrate the land
And soon Old Mother Nature
Will have more than she can stand.

I feel she’s trying to warn us
With her changing clime
That we’d better change our ways
Before we run out of time.

But we turn deaf ears to her
In our greed and haste
It looks like before we’re done
We’ll turn the earth to waste.

So, as I watch and listen
To the storm outside
I’m sad we don’t heed warnings
Of our impending suicide.