Del “Abe” Jones


We have what is known as FEMA
And our “Homeland Security”
The Military, State and Feds
In case of, such a tragedy.

And we also have a President
Who stays gone on his vacation
While our Country is in dire need
Of “real” Leadership for our Nation.

What if, in more than one place at one time
We might have a “real” catastrophe
I just wonder what will happen to
All the People of our Great Country?

Will we go without food and water
Like all those, we are seeing now?
While all the powers that be
Say, “We’d like to help, but don’t know how!”

Will we continue to send resources
That we here, at our Home need
Taking care of other Countries
While we have our own to house and feed?

Where are those Agencies we support?
Where are the billions that we spend?
Where are the “plans they have in place?”
What kind of message does this send?

When other peoples in the World
Need our help, we’re at their door
All those do-gooders cry out,
“We must help the World’s Poor!”

It’s said, “Charity begins at Home!”
That saying never was more true;
Now is the time to help our own
Because, “they” could be me or you.

When People get in “survival mode”
The desperation might make them be
The unlawful type of Folks
That we are beginning to see.

For some, it’s hard to comprehend
They may have never gone, without
They never walked in other’s shoes
But, that’s what it really is about.

A wake-up call, we must heed
And make our Leaders, toe the line
To put our Country’s People First
And take care of yours and mine.