Del “Abe” Jones


We let them cross our borders
By air and land and sea
While we pay for all those benefits
All those illegals get for free.

Even when we catch them
And we pay to ship them back
For every one there are two
To cross, take up the slack.

There’s nothing wrong with legals
Who come to work in the fields
And earn a little extra money
That the American way yields.

But seems our President
Lived in Texas far too long
Because those Texas ranchers
Don’t see anything wrong.

Been the same for generations
But, used to be under control
Though now millions cross the line
And hardly any pay the toll.

It not only hurts our Country
But those too, within the law
Who do it right and work hard
Now, the worst they ever saw.

If we don’t put a stop to it
Letting them in, sending jobs out
The rest the World will have it all
While we Americans go without.

The “New World Order” –
Some in Power want to see.
The death knell for Freedom
Is what the new order will be.

There’s some who will benefit
But, won’t be anyone we know
You best look to see it coming
Before you look and see it go.

Governments and Politicians
Around the World play the game
To turn it to “us” and “them”
To keep the poor just the same.

While cheap labor rushes in
American jobs are our outsource
Just wait and watch and you’ll see
As our own ruin runs its course.

America, home of the Free
As we give all of it away
Support the World, except ourselves
For that’s the American Way.