Del “Abe” Jones


It’s the second Anniversary
Of one more War for our Nation
Some are still in “Shock and Awe”
And there will be no Celebration.

More than fifteen hundred Dead
And nearly twelve thousand Hurt
Fighting battles for the People
Of some far-a-way Desert.

How many of them died?
There’s nobody even knows
And how many more years
Will it be, that the Blood flows?

Some say it’s worth the Cost
And some say that it is not
It depends on who you ask
Or if they paid with all they’ve got.

There’s some who pay for us all
For they are the ones we send
And it’s only Them and Theirs
Whose Pain might never end.

And whether we agree or don’t
It’s a good day for you and me
To thank those we put in Harm’s Way
So that others might live Free.