Del “Abe” Jones

The Great War

The Guns stopped in the Eleventh Month
On the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day
It was called the “War to end all Wars”
At least, that’s what they used to say.

It began in nineteen fourteen
And blamed on an assassination
But in truth, because of Greed
And Power of Nation over Nation.

Most Countries of the World
Soon became involved in the Fight
And as it is with most all Wars
Nobody’s wrong and everybody’s right.

“The Great War” as it was also known
(There was nothing “Great” about that War)
More than nineteen million wounded
With sixteen million dead, maybe even more.

It ushered in our “Modern Age”
Of Mankind’s ability to Kill
With his new Inventions of Death
And Life’s Destruction, at will.

We’ve carried on that Tradition
And it seems we’ve done it well
We have it down to a Science
To keep our World on the brink of Hell.

Someday a new Eleventh Hour
Of some Month’s Eleventh Day
We’ll pay that price that Humankind
Has always seemed Doomed to pay.