Del “Abe” Jones


We send them out to risk their lives
And then, when they give their all
We hear their names on the news
Without Ceremony, and that’s all.

Each should have an Honor Guard
That’s shown, for the World to see
That we pay homage to all those
Who died for us and Liberty.

Each should have their own caisson
To slowly, carry them along
To their final resting place
Where they play, that mournful song.

But, nowadays it seems
That all the Powers that be
Want them to return unnoticed
And, Without Ceremony.

“It’s too hard for the Loved Ones.”
If, we Honor, their Remains
They say, “Out of sight and mind”
Will help ease all the pains.

But our Government, (and us)
Are doing something that’s not right
Sometimes, Without Ceremony
Under the cover, of night.

We have Celebrations
When the rest of them return
But, it’s those Brave Fallen
Who could teach us, if, we’d learn.

They have finally changed the rules
And now, the Families will decide
With whom, and how they’ll share
Their Hero’s final, solemn, ride.