Del “Abe” Jones


A man with one leg –
Another, crippled, bent
Should remind us what it costs –
And just how much was “spent”
Not in dollars and sense (?)
But in lives and misery –
Things those of us safe at home
Didn’t want to see –
We watched it on the “tube”
Just like it was some John Wayne show –
And how lucky we were
We will never, ever know –
We sat in our easy chairs
Sipping a cold beer –
Switching channels, war to football
So we could root and cheer
For our favorite teams
(Some games we won’t forget)
But easily pushed from our minds
Was the Vietnam War Vet –
It’s a little better now –
Some are starting to care –
Trying to understand
Problems brought home from there –
It was a different war –
Just ask those who fought it –
You might learn about some things
And say, “I’da never thought it.”