Del “Abe” Jones


It’s too bad They can’t be Honest
The type of folks who really care
But it seems every election time
We get the same, liars Vanity Fair.

They worry ‘bout their own Agendas
And not the Solemn Oath they Swore
While special interests curry favor
With corporate dollars and much more.

They don’t care about “The People”
Outside the “good ol’ boy”, Beltway
They don’t care what the Cost is
Because, they’re not the ones who pay.

While they help the rich get richer
And the Working Man pays the bills
As long as the bucks keep rolling in
They don’t “sweat” our Country’s ills.

If found, “hand in the cookie jar”
Or when they get caught lying
Or even make honest mistakes
Their cover-ups are “trying”.

Whether Republican or Democrat
Seems anymore they’re all the same
“Pass the buck, don’t stop it here”
Is still the name of the game.

We must make them accountable
The Leaders of this Land
For things will never change
Until the People make a stand.

They don’t put their young in Uniform
Or expect them to pay their “dues”
They don’t shed tears for lost, loved ones
When they hear the Evening News.

“War” is just a word to them
Not like in those days gone past
When, we all took up the Battle
When Wartime’s stone was caste.

The Proud Honor of our Warriors
Seems to be strong and fine
Except for those many “Elite”
Who say, “No, you can’t take mine!”

Sadly, there are those bad apples
Who’ll make all Soldiers look bad
Like those pics coming from Iraq
And those scapegoats to be “had”.

Where were all the Officers
From the Chain of Command
In front of the enlisted Troops
Where they are supposed to stand?

When our Nation is in Danger
And we offer our young ones
To stand there at the Frontlines
It should be, Everyone’s.

Every able-bodied youngster
Has the Duty to Serve:
To do their part to earn the Life
We all think that “we deserve”.

We All rallied behind our Troops
During the last (?) World War
The “privileged” joined with the masses
Though, they knew what was in store.

Moms were air-raid wardens
Or worked at defense production
Even kids collected scrap metal
And “rations” were at great reduction.

These days, we watch it on the “tube”
Desensitized against battles we mount
Unless it’s one, of Our Loved Ones
Who is part of the body count.

Not only in World “Theaters”
Where we strive, to Right, wrong
But, here at Home, everyday
Where We, All can’t get along.

We must put our own “House” in Order
Before we can cure the World’s woes
And we could be defeated from, “within”
Because of indifference to Truth’s foes.

We just can’t blindly follow
Believing the “powers that be”
Just because they say, They Lead
This, Land of the Free.

Then there is “Homeland Security”
That we do need for detection
Of threats against our people
As long as our Rights have protection.

A small percentage of our People
Serve, sacrifice, and some give all
But, we must step up, do our part
Lest we see our “Colors” fall.

Author’s Note: As with everything, there are exceptions