Del “Abe” Jones


It’s a Journey toward Healing
And bringing Closure to some
An Outlet for some Grieving
Maybe an End that’s finally come.

A short ride back into the Past
That shows the Future out ahead
A release of all those Emotions
Which were held inside, instead.

Some Reunions of old Comrades
And keeping Promises once made
Meeting the Families of Buddies
Learning some Memories won’t fade.

A Tribute to all the Heroes
Who flew those Hueys in and out
And the Medics who rendered Aid
Showing what Bravery is all about.

An Education for some People
And to Teach a new Generation
To always Have and Show Respect
For all who Serve our Nation.

A “Welcome Home!” for all those Vets
And, “Thank you for your Sacrifice.”
Our Country made this mistake once
Let’s make sure we don’t do it twice.

When we send our own into Harm’s Way
We must never again lose Sight
That they Wage the Battle in our name
Whether we think it Wrong or Right.

Is a must for All of Us to See
A lesson for, “We, the People.”
In this, “Land of the Free.”

Author’s Note: Just got my copy of, “IN THE SHADOW OF THE BLADE” on DVD and watched this fantastic production in its entirety. If you missed it on TV it was your loss. If you or a loved one or a friend was affected by the Vietnam War this is a must see.