Del “Abe” Jones


Almost four thousand lost, Heroes
And thirty thousand wounded, more
Countless civilians and innocents
Have been killed in this damned war.

The World, been made no safer
No matter, what the spinners say
More enemies who want to kill us
Because, we want to change, their way.

We just give them more excuses
The longer, in their sacred land
They don’t want us over there
It’s not that hard, to understand.

Their forces are already here
They just cross our open borders
Laying low, until that time
They receive their marching orders,

Our Troops should be here in our Homeland
Where the next war might be fought
If you think we stop them, in Iraq
Then, you believe an ignorant, thought.

We spend our Soldiers’ precious blood
And waste, the treasure of us all
Just so we could have, the claim to fame
We made one lone, evil, tyrant fall.

In amongst, those Islam extremists
There’s always one to take his place
Who hates the “infidel” as much
As all those, history, can trace.

Our politics and our promises
Don’t mean a thing to all those tribes
To them, talk about our democracy
Are just lies and empty, diatribes.

The common people may want freedom
But so far, it’s not done them, much good
Some even say, they’d prefer Saddam
And would have him back, if they could.

They will spend us down, over there
Until wealth and Soldiers, spread so thin
Can’t protect our own Nation’s shores
Because of this war, we’ll never win.

They’ve been at this, a thousand years
And they have, nothing, but time
Think it’s a privilege for them, dying
For the death, of yours and mine.

When, those radicals knock at your door
And, cut your head off in the street
When they overrun us here at Home
Now, that’s the true meaning of, defeat.